Plastic Cable Markers

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Plastic Cable Markers Available Sizes

90 x 10mm (70mm text space)
50 x 10mm (35mm text space)

Larger cable sizes are available upon request

Base Labels Plastic cable markers are engraved traffolyte and are available in standard colours:
White / Black text
Yellow / Black text

As with all our labels, plastic cable markers are available to be catalogued & indexed with our Project Packaging for easy installation.


90 x 10mm (70mm text space)


0-500:                    $1.35
501-1000:            $1.28
1000-5000:        $1.20

50 x 10mm (35mm text space)


0-500:                    $1.10
501-1000:            $1.05
1000-5000:        $0.99

Sleeved Traffolyte Cable Markers

Our sleeved Traffolyte cable markers are the perfect solution for industrial cabling identification commonly used for cables in electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic cables, instrumentation, data and communications cable labelling. Simple to install and index with our project organisation and packaging which can be tailored to suit industry standards and technical requirements.

Traffolyte is a hard-wearing plastic made up of multiple layers, our cable markers come in two standard colours: white with black text and yellow with black text. At Base Labels we supply standard sized marker 90 x 10mm (70mm text) and 50 x 10mm (35mm text) larger sizes can be customised upon request.

For more information on our sleeved Traffolyte cable markers or our specialised project packages call (07) 5534 2983

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