About Us

Base Labels Australia Founder Scott Cunningham, Construction Site Labelling Solutions


“After working in the construction industry for a number of years as an Electrical Supervisor, I identified a need for a label supplier that could not only offer an engraving service, but who would understand how the labels were used onsite and would sort and package the labels accordingly. Thus removing the need for double handling by onsite staff, saving time and money.”
– Base Labels Founder, Scott Cunningham


Base Labels was born from the need to make site labelling an easy and efficient process. Labelling is a small part of any construction project but that doesn’t mean the whole process can’t be improved. We aim to do exactly that.
We are an honest and reliable company that thrives on making our clients lives easier when it comes to installing labels on plant, equipment and cabling. We work hard to ensure our clients’ needs are met and are not shy on taking on new challenges that are thrown our way. No matter how small or large the request, we will deliver the end result with the same degree of quality and care.


Operating on the Gold Coast, BaseLabels is well situated to provide efficient services nationwide. Having access to suppliers and major transport infrastructure close by, enables us to receive materials and also dispatch our orders with ease, ensuring deadlines can be met.


Our focus is to deliver a product that is ready to be installed when it arrives on site. Large orders are delivered already sorted and packaged in binders which are also numbered and individually indexed. Our packaging process means that the organising of labels is completed by us during the engraving stage, so you don’t have to waste any valuable time on site. With feedback from our customers, we are committed to constantly updating and improving our processes to make sure we deliver a quality product that is reliable and easy to use.

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